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HKU Trading Group is a student-led committee founded by Timmy Chu and Anson Wong in 2020. We aim to promote the trading, investment banking industry and financial market among the HKU community. The platform is created to inspire HKU students to be aware of the markets daily, gain financial education beyond the classroom, spread interest in trading and investment banking in the HKU community and prepare students for successful careers in trading and global financial markets.


HKU Trading Group is designed to imitate an all-rounded investment management firm, we aim to manage a lasting student fund, through which HKU students could gain early experience in fund management and practical skills on trading. At this stage, we will start with simulated fund management and trading instead, regular release for the performance of our AUM will be made. The equity-research report of investment and the rationale of the trading will also be shared through various our website and social platforms. 

HKU Trading Group will also offer various activities, including but not limit to trading workshops, alumni sharing and networking, stock pitching and trading competition, etc.

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